Technical Features

1.Large dring area,average drying to each particle high efficiency


2.furnace supply heat indirectly to grain,rach particle go cycling in dryer and contanct each other,the tips on the grain is removed and released by dust collector,the grain get more cleant after drying


3.Effectively reduce the breakage of grain,and improve the quality of grain


4.Automatic display showing working condition of dryer,easy operation


5.Drying process is average,easy cleaning,no mixing of material


6.Japanese KETT resistency humidity tester is equiped,high sensitivity of sensor is set inside,suitable for differenty kind of grain like paddy,wheat,corn etc.


7.Connection bearings are all designed as low rotation speed three-layer of protection device which keep away dust from outside during rotating


8.To improve centrifugal air fan and angxil flow air blower into mix flow air fan,maximum air volume reach to 175000m3/h,full pressure reach to 950pa,effectively improving the drying  effectivency with lower noise


9.Shcrew bland uses 45 mengnized stell,hardness reach to HRC50 after treatment


material   before treatment  after treatment
stainless  HRC10  HRC45左右
45 meg  HRC15  HRC50左右
cold plate  HRC7  HRC40左右

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