product: 5HX-10 Low Temperature Dryer
product information:


The dryer provides various drying modes to dry grain as per the requests of customers. It can

 be equipped with different heating sources such as air heating furnace, fuel oil furnace, steam boiler,


        For the drying system with hot blast furnace, the cheap fuel can be used as rice husk, straw,

 coal, etc. In this way, the drying cost can be greatly reduced.

        Imported from Italy, the burner uses high voltage mist sprayer. Light or heavy diesel can be 

used as fuel, the oil is burnt well and completely to protect grain from being polluted.The burner is 

controlled by the automatic controlling system to heat up the air, according to the drying system.

Model JX5HM-10.0 5HXG-12.5 5HXG-15 5HXG-35
Grain type and capacity paddy(kg) 1010-10000 1010-12000 1010-15000 1010-35000
Wheat(kg) 1100-13000 1230-14000 1230-18000 1230-38000
Air Fan model 4-72-6A 4-72-6A LSHG-7A
air flow centrifual air fan centrifual air fan
dia of air output(mm) Φ600 Φ600
rotation speed(r/h) 1450 1450
air caspaci(m3/h) 14500-16500 17500
Pressure(PA) 700-950 900-1200

model  gun ejection/spray automatic temparature control
controlling form automatic manual
ignition fuel   husk wood  straw/sticks blind coal
Total power(KW) 11.97 11.97


Exterior size(mm) 2400*3400*8500 2400*3400*9500 2400*3400*10500 5263*4747*1351
performance material input time(min) 40-45 40-45 45-50 45-50
material output time(min) 50-55 50-55 50-55 50-55
dry speed(%h) 0.6-1.0 0.6-1.0 0.6-1.0 0.6-1.0
Configurations Over input alertor,over load protection system temparature detector,security fuse,persure sensor creepage protection,burner off-alertor


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