At present, the company has independent research and development of 10-100 tons of low-temperature batch type circulating grain dryer, 300,000 to 1.6 million calories of automatic energy-saving and environmental protection hot blast stove, agricultural and sideline products drying machine. Among them, the ultraviolet sterilizing device won the independent innovation product, the science and technology innovation award and the national spark project award of Anhui science and technology department, and was rated as high and new technology products. After years of training, the quality continues to improve. Jintin products are not only sold well at home, but also sold to grain producing areas around the world. The company in line with the "information is the source, innovation is life, quality is the foundation, service is the guarantee" of the scientific concept, dedicated to the majority of users service.
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        Anhui Jinxi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, and entered Baiyan Science and Technology Park in Hefei High-tech Zone in 2008, with...

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Drying Line for 350 tons of Grain Daily Handling (Type 5HX-35)

Jiangxi Province 560 tons of daily grain drying line (5HX-35 model)

Anhui Province 120 tons of daily grain drying line (Type 5HX-15)

300t Grain Drying Line for Daily Handling of Anhui Province (Type 5HX-15)

Anhui Province Daily Handling 360 tons of Grain Drying Line (5HX-15)

Anhui Province 150t Grain Drying Line (Type 5HX-15)

Hubei Province 160t/d Grain Drying Line (Type 5HX-20)

Jiangxi Province Daily Handling 800 tons of Grain Drying Line (Type 5HX-35)

Jiangxi Province Daily Handling 320 tons of Grain Drying Line (Type 5HX-20)


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    • 29


      Information bulletin on prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid Waste

      In order to fully implement the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste", we hereby announce the following informat...

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      Analysis of grain drying industry

      The grain drying industry and trade industry belong to the service industry of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery.The "Regulations on the Administration of Grain Circulation"...

    • 08


      Jiangsu Siyang Agricultural Machinery System Group came to the company for grain drying technical training

      On December 7, more than 40 people from Siyang County Grain Drying Technology Training Group led by Siyang Agricultural Machinery Bureau and organized by Siyang Agricultural Machinery Extension Station were led by the agricultural machinery bureau to visi

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      Promising dryer

      Grain drying and safe warehousing should be the last key link in the entire mechanization of grain production. When agricultural mechanization has solved the problem of ploughing, harrowing, sowing an...

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      Improper drying, Shandong loses about 4.5 billion jin of grain every year, drying grain calls for mechanization

      At present, the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau has made grain drying machinery and equipment the focus of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, and the subsidy ratio is about 30% of the machinery price. Gao Mingfei said that in the next ste

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      Jiangxi Province accelerates the popularization and application of grain drying mechanization

      In August, the author learned at the Jiangxi Food Drying and Food Security Conference held in Xinyu City that as of the end of July, Jiangxi Province had subsidized a total of 399 grain dryers, exceed...